Gun Woman

Director: Kurando Mitsutake

Actors: Asami, Kairi Narita, Noriaki Kamata, Matthew Floyd Miller, Dean Simone, Toshiya Agata, Marco Ballare, Marianne Bourg, Stacey Chu, D. Olivia Jordan, Nina Kate, Lauren Lakis, Mark Laurnoff, Erika Maki, Jennifer Mullaney

Production: Maxam

Genres: Action, Thriller

Country: Japan

Release Year: 2014

Duration: 86 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: GUN WOMAN follows a Japanese doctor who vows revenge on a crazy sadistic killer after the man murdered his loving wife. Despite the maximum security that surrounds this billionaire, the doctor finds a perfect assassination plan when he turns a young Japanese woman into the most lethal assassin the world has ever seen. This outrageous plan -- his only chance for revenge -- will happen at an underground facility where the killer goes to fulfill his sexual fetishes. On the night before the plan is to be executed, the woman assassin is "completed" by the doctor... She is now, GUN WOMAN.

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