Director: Peter Yates

Actors: Ken Marshall, Lysette Anthony, Freddie Jones, Francesca Annis, Alun Armstrong, David Battley, Bernard Bresslaw, Liam Neeson, John Welsh, Graham McGrath, Tony Church, Bernard Archard, Belinda Mayne, Dicken Ashworth, Todd Carty

Production: Columbia Pictures Corporation, Barclays Mercantile Industrial Finance

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Country: UK, USA

Release Year: 1983

Duration: 121 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: From the sky will come the Black Fortress. From the Fortress will come the Slayers to devour the planet of Krull. Then shall a girl of ancient name become queen...she shall choose a king...and together they shall rule the planet. And their son shall rule the galaxy.

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