Principal: koi suru watashi wa heroine desu ka?

Director: Tetsuo Shinohara

Actors: Mashiro Ayano, Tomohiro Ichikawa, Shiori Ishikawa, Rina Kawaei

Production: Aniplex

Genres: Comedy

Country: Japan

Release Year: 2018

Duration: 85 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: After her parents divorced, Sumitomo Shima lived with her mother. She felt uncomfortable living with her stepfather and she was unable to hang out with people at her high school. Shima decides to move to Hokkaido where her father lives. At her new high school in Hokkaido, she meets classmate Tatebayashi Gen and Sakurai Wao. They are the two most popular boys at her school. A principle of her school is that"Gen and Wao are for everyone." If anyone breaks the rule, that person will be ostracized. Sumitomo Shima gets closer to Gen and Wao.

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